Treat yourself and your guests to an extra special hospitality experience!

Whether you’d like to be waited on court-side while you take in the action, or you’d prefer a more intimate space with plush seating, let Fast5 NWS be the place to entertain your guests.

Located at the end of the court, our Courtside boxes are practically part of the competition floor! So close to the action, you’ll feel like you’re ready to call your own Power Play! Join in the craziness, dress in your most colorful Fast5 gear and feel like you’re truly part of the Australian Fast5 Team. You and your guests will enjoy food and beverage service, while soaking in the wild atmosphere in your courtside seat. Bookings are available for individuals or groups and can be made for a single day or for the 2 days of competition.

Saturday Package $380.00 $2,940.00
Sunday Package $440.00 $3,465.00
2-Day Package $795.00 $6,355.00


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