New Zealand fend off England for opening win

New Zealand has started their Fast5 campaign with a nail-biting one-point win over England.

After a late comeback from England, a close range goal from youngster Te Paea Selby-Rickit with 12 seconds left sealed the win for New Zealand.

Long range shooting was on show early, as the sides went into the first break tied at seven points a-piece.

England defender Geva Mentor recognised New Zealand’s shooting accuracy from afar, stating that they are ‘the long bomb queens.’

“You try and put them off their shot as much as you can, but you can’t give away those second shots, so they get a second chance at a three, or a two pointer. It’s a toss up what you’ve got to do out there and we’re all learning as we go, that’s the same for all teams on this weekend,” said Mentor.

Kadeen Corbin began the second term with a bang for England, with a three-point supershot, however again nothing separated the sides at half time.

New Zealand made full use of their power play in the third quarter, with sharp shooting from Maia Wilson and Te Paea Selby-Rickit putting them ahead by 13 at the final break.

Captain Maria Tutaia was happy with her team’s performance, singling out recent debutant Maia Wilson as a stand-out for her side.

“I thought Maia Wilson did a fantastic job of shooting a few 4-pointers, so it’s great to see her come into this competition, and really stamp her mark, and shine, she shot most of those goals in the power play quarter.

Down by 12 with one minute to go, two six-point goals from Joanne Harten saw England tie the match.

A goal within the final 15 seconds by Selby-Rickit saw New Zealand steal the win and walk away one-point victors.

New Zealand will take on South Africa in their next match while England will face Malawi.

NEW ZEALAND (26) defeated ENGLAND (25)

England shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Joanne Harten 1/1 1/3 2/6
Kadeen Corbin 3/3 1/3 1/2
Eleanor Cardwell 0/1 2/2 0/2
Helen Housby 4/4 1/3 0/0

New Zealand shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Maria Tutaia 1/1 5/9 0/4
Maia Wilson 2/2 3/5 0/0
Te Paea Selby-Rickit 2/2 1/4 1/1
Jamie Hume 0/2 0/0 0/0

England starting five – GS: Joanne Harten GA: Kadeen Corbin C: Laura Malcolm GD: Ama Agbeze GK: Geva Mentor

New Zealand starting five – GS: Maia Wilson GA: Maria Tutaia C: Gina Crampton GD: Phoenix Karaka GK: Jane Watson

England power play: quarter four
New Zealand power play: quarter three

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