New Zealand bounce back with win over Jamaica

New Zealand have defeated Jamaica by 10 points to claim their third win of the Fast5 World Series.

A strong power play seeing New Zealand outscore Jamaica 10-2, sealed a 26-16 win.

Sharp shooting from New Zealand captain Maria Tutaia, paired with stringent defence, helped them to a 9-1 lead at the first break.

An injury late in the first quarter to Gina Crampton meant Phoenix Karaka was forced into centre for part of the second term.

“It felt really good, I started in goal keeper to give me that extra bit of energy but I really enjoyed it there. The love of netball I have is the attacking part of netball and  it was really cool to get out there  in centre and help the shooters out,” said Karaka.

An inaccurate second term by the New Zealand shooters meant Jamaica were able to cut the deficit to six points heading into half time.

The New Zealand captain shone during their power play in the third quarter, as Tutaia took six shots for ten points to extend her side’s lead to 14 at the final break.

“She is a big game player and we know that, and she’s the only one in our team that has ever done this before and we do rely quite heavily on her. She’s been amazing this weekend, she’s lead the  girls really well and  encouraged them  to get out there and have some fun,” said New Zeland coach Kiri Wills.

Shantal Slater and Vanessa Walker were lively in the goal circle during the final quarter, but couldn’t close the gap far enough.

Post-match Jamaican coach Connie Francis rued South Africa’s missed opportunities.

“I don’t think New Zealand made it tough I think we made it tough for ourselves,  In power play we had our opportunities and that could have meant six more points on the board for us,” said Francis.

New Zealand will face Malawi in their final match before finals while Jamaica will take on England.

NEW ZEALAND (26) defeated JAMAICA (16)

New Zealand shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 pointsupershot
MariaTutaia 2/2 5/11 0/3
TePaeaSelby-Rickit 3/3 0/5 0/1
Maia Wilson 6/6 0/1 0/1
Jamie Hume 0/0 0/1 0/0

shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 pointsupershot
ShantalSlater 7/7 0/2 0/0
Anna Kay Griffiths 0/1 0/2 0/0
Vanessa Walker 0/0 1/3 0/4
GezellaAllison 0/1 0/0 1/2

New Zealand
starting five – GS: Maria Tutaia GA: Te Paea Selby-Rickit C: Gina Crampton GD: Storm Purvis GK: Phoenix Karaka

Jamaica starting five – GS: Shantal Slater GA: Anna Kay Griffiths C: Nicole Dixon GD: Kasey Evering GK: Nicole Aiken-Pinnock

New Zealand power play: quarter three
Jamaica power play: quarter four

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