Jamaica will go head-to-head with New Zealand in the grand final match after making England play catch up throughout the final match of the rounds.

Australian fans have never cheered so hard for England, and the fans never lost faith as the Roses kept challenging the Jamaicans right to the final siren. George Fisher kept the game alive, with three final quarter six pointers sending the crowd into hysterics.

Shanice Beckford yet again made her presence known on the scoreboard, as she bagged three two pointers- with no sign of injury- which made the game difficult for the Roses in their comeback attempt.

There were questions over how Jamaica’s third quarter power play would affect their game plan, but they took full advantage and stretched their lead to 22 heading into the final quarter.

Shamera Sterling was ferocious and determined to cement her team in the grand final match, with an early hard hit, her pressure in the backline was on another level. Her three intercepts and two deflections became frustrating for the English girls.

“I have to put my long arms to use!  I’m quite excited that I managed to stop England from scoring over us. They had some good three pointers and I give them credit for that,” said Shamera Sterling.

“I’m overly excited to be in the final. It’s not just my first time in Fast5 but also my first time in finals, so I’m quite excited.”

England actually looked to have more poise and control over the game in the first half, but it wasn’t meant to be for the reigning premiers, as Jamaica’s strong and dominant figures were too determined and hungry for the win.

England will take on South Africa in the playoff for 5th/6th place.

Jamaica (42) defeated England (37).


Jamaica Romelda Aiken (GS), Shanice Beckford (GA), Khadijah Williams (C), Vangelee Williams (GD), Shamera Sterling (GK)

England George Fisher (GS), Kadeen Corbin (GA), Natalie Panagarry (C), Emma Dovey (GD), Layla Guscoth (GK)


Jamaica (Q3), England (Q4)

Jamaica shooting statistics:

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
S Beckford 0/0 3/7 0/0
T Harwood 0/0 3/5 1/2
R Aiken 15/15 0/0 0/0

England shooting statistics:

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Ella Clark 0/0 1/1 0/o
K Corbin 3/4 0/0 0/0
G Fisher 6/7 3/6 3/7