Event Schedule

The Fast5 Netball World Series is an action-packed non-stop weekend of netball and entertainment!

Then the netball action kicks off with a full day of competition on Saturday before the all-important finals day on Sunday. 2018 competition dates are to be announced.

Download the full fixture list HERE


Day 1 – Saturday  


Game Match Start Team 1 Team 2
1 1.45PM AUS MAL
2 2.30PM RSA JAM
3 3.15PM NZL ENG
4 4.00PM AUS JAM
5 4.45PM ENG MAL
6 5.30PM NZL RSA
7 6.15PM JAM MAL
8 7.00PM ENG RSA
9 7.45PM AUS NZL


Day 2 – Sunday


Game Match Start Team 1 Team 2
10 12.15PM MAL RSA
11 1.00PM AUS ENG
12 1.45PM NZL JAM
13 2.30PM AUS RSA
14 3.15PM NZL MAL
15 4.00PM JAM ENG
4.40PM – 5.00PM Entertainment
16 5.15PM Play-off for 5th/6th
17 6.05pm Play-off for 3rd/4th
18 6.55pm Grand Final

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*Times are subject to change without notice.